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Chase Sapphire Preferred®
Trip Delay Reimbursement^

If your common carrier travel is delayed more than 12 hours or requires an overnight stay, you and your family are covered for unreimbursed expenses, such as meals and lodging, up to $500 per ticket.
Benefit Overview
Please note that this is a summary of this benefit. Full terms and conditions apply, and are available to existing customers in the Chase Sapphire Preferred Guide to Benefits.

  • Provides reimbursement for expenses such as meals and lodging if your common carrier (airline, bus, cruise ship, train) travel is delayed more than 12 hours or requires an overnight stay
  • Coverage is in excess of any expenses paid by any other party, including applicable insurance
  • Trip must be away from the cardholder’s city of residence and be less than 365 days in length
  • Provides coverage when the common carrier fare has been purchased with an eligible Chase card or with rewards earned on an eligible Chase card
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Who's Covered
  • Cardholder
  • Cardholder’s spouse or domestic partner
  • Dependent children under age 22
What's Covered
  • Reasonable additional expenses incurred for meals, lodging, toiletries, medication, and other personal use items due to the covered delay
Coverage Amount
  • Up to $500.00 for each purchased ticket
  • Coverage is limited to one covered hazard per trip
What's Not Covered
  • Any covered hazard delay that was made public or known to you prior to the departure for the covered trip
  • Prepaid expenses are not covered
Important Claim Information and Timeframes
  • You, the Cardholder, must notify the Benefit Administrator within 60 days following the date of the delay
  • The Benefit Administrator will send you a claim form when you report your loss. You must submit a completed claim form and supporting documentation within 100 days of the date of the delay
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^These benefits are available when you use your card. Restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. Most benefits are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance companies who are solely responsible for the administration and claims. There are specific time limits and documentation requirements.
Existing Cardmembers: Please refer to your Guide to Benefits for a full explanation of coverages, or call the number on the back of your card for assistance.
New Cardmembers: Once your account is opened we will send you a Guide to Benefits, which includes a full explanation of coverages.